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Seed Bombs!! A brief look into the history to get you inspired!

Seed Bombing is a term used since the 1970’s, which is about the time when the guerrilla gardening movement began. According to research, it was in the 1970’s that a group of garden activists known as the “Green Guerrillas” was founded by NYC artist Liz Christy who threw seed bombs into abandoned lots and wastelands. Christy went on to become the creator and founder of the Bowery Houston Community Garden which is still a heavily active garden today..A garden that has received both local support in addition to local government, to help preserve it as a community growing space. Since then, there have been so many different kinds of seed bomb inventions. These include things like seed balloons, seed condoms, seed-filled christmas ornaments, seed capsules, and even seed paper. The most common technique that most of us guerilla gardeners use today, happens to be the ancient method of using natural materials that were used by Masonobu Fukuoka, who used earth clay and seeds to create his successful balls of seeds. No matter where you live, or what recipe or method you use, one thing is for sure. Seed bomb and seed bombing groups are tripling in popularity and numbers, and as more and more consumers jump on the Seed Bomb wagon, even us here at the Food Revolution truly believe the Biotech Companies and Food industry should be very afraid. With every seed and every chemical-free seed bomb thrown or planted, we are in fact taking back our food supply, one bomb at a time!

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Did you know?

Is it really any surprise that the Washington labeling battle lost? Or Prop 37 proposal fell to the same fate in pretty much the same fashion. It’s not just the big bad chemical companies that are to blame for this recent demise folks, the dollars you have been spending every day can carry some of the fault as well. Here’s how:

“Members of the Grocery Manufacturers of America, which was forced to create a political committee to comply with state law, have contributed more than $11 million to No on 522, the campaign opposed to the labeling initiative” (shocking, no?). To break it down even further:

Pepsico ($2.4 million)
Coca-Cola ($1.5 million)
Nestle ($1.5 million)

That’s according to a review of state records. These are the same three companies that also made large contributions to defeat the California labeling initiative last year. That was of course after the big processed food companies joined with the biotech firms and helping to raise $46 million for the opposition.

Still there are others:
General Mills ($869,000)
Conagra ($828,249)

You can add to the list the Campbell’s Soup Company, Kellogg’s Company, Land O’Lakes, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Cargill, Dean Foods and The Hershey Company as well. Yes, every time you spend your hard earned dollars on their products, you contribute to their ability to continue spending large fortunes to make sure labelling doesn’t happen. The thing is, you don’t need labels! I cringed as I watched the amount that either side was spending on labels that people don’t really read right now. And what people do read, they can’t understand. No longer are ingredients simply water, flour, sugar, eggs, etc. If you have to look up ingredients on your smartphone, or online at home to know what you’re eating, it’s not real food and shouldn’t be eaten. The processed food industry is getting richer and richer off making consumers sicker and more overweight. The lies that the government spews out showing reductions in this or that, simply isn’t true. The next time you’re out and about take a good look around you. What do you see? Do you see healthy and energized people, or are most of the adults and children you see in dire need of healthier food and a nutrition intervention? I think you’ll find that things aren’t as healthy and wonderful as what some people try to convince you of. Over 85% of all processed food has at least one or more GE (GMO) ingredients in them! That means that unless verified otherwise, grocery store shelves lined from ceiling to floor with GMOs. Most of the food we eat today isnt real food at all. It concerns me that we are so focused on labels, for food that shouldn’t be consumed in the first place. And by continuing to waste time and money on fighting to label garbage food, we’re continuing to allow the same food to be purchased and generating additional demand. Knowing that just about every single processed food product has one or more GMOs in it, how does it slip the minds of so many that purchasing products that contain GMOs, supports the growth of GE crops!!!

Complaining about such defeats just seems so ridiculous. What should we be doing then? The bottom line is this…real food doesn’t have an extended shelf life. Real food doesn’t have a dozen ingredients in it that you have to look up in order to know what you are eating. We’re so wrapped up in labelling food that needs to be taken off the shelves and replaced with real and whole foods, that we aren’t taking time out to realize that we’re fighting to label the very same foods contributing to the chronic diseases and illnesses, food allergies and weight issues we have today. The answer isnt easy or simple, because it makes us have to take responsibility for our own health and wellness, and for that of our family. The only way we are going to solve this problem is by getting out and getting growing. And with air pollution and the nasty chemicals being sprayed on us, learning how to creatively grow indoors is even better. Until we start growing our own food, going out into our communities and starting community gardens/greenhouses and take the reliance from buying and consuming these fake foods, the cycle will continue and this will be an ongoing battle. I look at the amount of money raised to try and pass the label initiatives and then I look back at how that same money could have been spent on school lunches programs and getting them away from the clutches of Monsanto, or on nutrition programs that are designed to to not only teach people what they should be eating and how to cook without using GMOs or toxic chemicals and additives. Think about it. Labelling continues the GMO cycle. It allows the nutritional oppression that has plagued us for far too long, to remain a burden to our health and wellness, as well as to our pocketbooks as we stay prisoners to the OTC medications and prescription we rely on to get through each day. It just seems like we are wasting so much time and money to label products we need to have gone, when we should be working on the root of the problem.

We here at the Food Revolution support self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility. The time of blaming and crying over spilled milk is over. it’s time to grab those containers if you live in an area that is now in winter mode, educate yourself on aquaponics and hydroponics, relearn how to cook and eat healthier, and get growing. Until we take back the reigns on this stage coach, we will remain conforming GMO supporters. There are so many amazing new grassroots groups and organizations that are popping up all across the world that are willing and able to help you make the change. It’s time to get our bodies back on real and chemical free foods and beverages so that they can begin to detox and function as they should. If you start today, replacing even just one meal a week with a healthy and processed free foods, you are already starting the process. Together we can take back our food supply! Together we can learn how to help and take care of each other! Together we can make a difference. We can do it together!

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Food Companies and Monsanto Spend Millions to Defeat Washington GMO Labeling Initiative.

Money for killing and war, but not for education, healthcare, or to feed our low income and poor?

Greetings fellow Revolutionaries. Today I stumbled upon a youtube video that deciphered something I had heard was true, but until today just didn’t have a true scope as to how things really were. Granted the video highlighted the 2011 military budget, something that we have far exceeded in the two years since, but the excessive spending on wars we should not be in..on weapons to murder…while starving the life out of our already struggling and suffering low-income communities is the same. Needless to say, I am sickened and utterly in shock. According to the video, 53% of tax dollars funds the well oiled and fine tuned war and killing machine. For a country with so many rights and freedoms, we have an amazing job of giving to the rich and stealing from the poor. Healthcare, unemployment, education, and vital services to ensure our already struggling low-income communities continue to lose funding and be forced into nothingness, as the rich governments and big businesses along with all of their special interest groups and supporters, continue to get richer…and our hard-earned tax dollars continue to murder innocent men, women, and children in other countries, and pay for wars we simply shouldn’t be in or can afford. Yes my friends, we have truly become a great country haven’t we. I cannot help but wonder what our founding fathers would have to say if they could be brought back to life just for 24 hours..what would they say? How would they feel? Is this how they saw the citizens of this country, how we treat the citizens of so many other countries? I think not. This has to stop!! And the only way it can and will, is with you refusing to take part in the processes that have become a normal part of our every day lives. it is time to stop the corrupt government from brainwashing our children in school….it is time for us to stop buying food to feed our families and friends from the grocery stores that are nothing but poisons in pretty packages….it is time to stop giving money to the corrupt and greedy big businesses and governments that use that money to create new weapons of destruction s while murdering innocent human beings and paying for wars we should simply not be in. While I know it is not easy, change never is, it is imperative that we no longer freely choose to be a pawn in this game of monopolization and control. We are people, human beings, which are entitled to the same basic necessities and rights as the next person, regardless of age, sex, religion, culture, beliefs, social status, political background, etc..this is our life, our families, our homes, our communities, and together we can work together and take back what is ours and take care of one another..together we can and will make a difference, you just have to stop choose to change…Power to the People!!

City Girl Farms

I’m a wanna-be hippie farmer. If I could live in any sort of time frame, it would be the days of farming, real farming. As well as being the free loving, peace making hippie. I’d like to think that I have a knack for gardening, let alone taking care an entire farm, but in reality, I am highly intimidated by it. I’m a city dweller and never really had much experience to ‘farming’ per se. My dad had houseplants of all kinds, indoors and out. At times he had his little patch in the backyard growing odd veggies (eggplant…. eh, I won’t forget those meals!). But to grow vegetables and plants to live off of, that’s another story altogether.

It’s been some years since I dug into the ground to plant something. My little take of ‘gardening’. I did well with what I had. A group of sunflowers that towered into the sky. A couple tomato plants that produced a few fruit, despite the rocky soil I had. And even a couple little strawberry plants. I wasn’t very prosper on the strawberries, but nevertheless, I was amazed when the plant popped out of the ground in the spring. Who knew?!

Moving and life in general hindered any further gardening. Sure, there are container gardens that people do, but that initial investment (pots, soil, etc.) just kind of deterred me. I didn’t have a proper patch of land to claim as ‘mine’.

So let’s move on to 2013. If I were living in a house that was entirely mine, I would tear up the front yard and pretend that I lived in the great countryside and farmed like my ancestors. I’d have goats, sheep and chickens running around like there is no tomorrow. But with city officials hassling city dwellers (Woman Faces Jail Time For Growing Vegetable Garden in Her Own Front Lawn) and maybe I’m not as much of a rebel as I thought, I decided to turn an area of the backyard into my little sanctuary. Since the moment I moved in, the area was taken over by discarded limbs, sticks and leaves. People too lazy to bundle it up and get rid of it. Including myself for the first couple of years.

Picture1Towards the end of winter each year, I’d tell myself, “that would be a great area for a garden!”. And then the thought and yearning would soon disappear. Except this year. I was determined to turn that ugly overgrown area into a nice pretty backyard garden.

Lots of hard work, breaking in muscles that have not been stretched in who knows how long. Hindered by rains that seemed to last forever and many thoughts of giving up, I finally finished step one. Success!

I have never really had that ‘green thumb’. I seem to have a hard time growing things from seeds. “Sunflowers are the easiest things to grow!” I was told. Leave it to me to kill them. Yes, I killed off all of my sunflower seedlings this spring. After that, I was really apprehensive to starting any sort of vegetable, fruit or herb by seed. Imagine all of that hard work: soil preparation, sprouting, fertilizing, watering, etc. And then poof! All I would have left is wilted dying seedlings. Oh the tragedy! I really am a city girl to the core.

So after the sunflower massacre, and with planting season about to commence, I decided to make a list of plants I would plant, continuing someone else’s hard work put forth during the winter months. I’ll continue their little plants and prosper that way! This city girl will be able to farm! Or rather, garden.

Picking plants from the local farmer’s market, I have ended up with 2 tomato plants, a pepper plant, cucumbers, zucchini and a bunch of onions. I’m nervous about half of the onions, I had started those in pots and then transplanted them. They looked good for a while, now I’m not so sure. The others I planted directly into the ground are looking okay. I’ll have to give them some time. The tomato plants are really taking off and fruit has already growing. I am patiently waiting for them to be ready to be picked! The cucumber and zucchini, I’m really nervous about. I built a trellis out of some limbs from the hideous debris pile and plan on training the cucumbers to climb up it. The zucchini.. yeah, I’ve seen how big those plants get! I plan on trying out someone’s idea of using tomato cages to keep those leaves up off of the ground. Now I’m hoping I didn’t plant them too close together.

“You act like they’re your babies.” It’s been a week since the last plant has been planted and I am now feeling a bit more confident. A lot of rain has deterred me from watering (a dreaded task) and they started to look a bit weepy, but have since bounced back and actually grew quite a bit. I had some sort of critter, squirrels or birds, that actually dug up a cucumber plant and a zucchini plant. How dare they! I have since barricaded the plants with bamboo stakes and a netting that I had kept from my last little garden.

I have to say, I am excited. I can’t wait for that accomplishment, to be able to pick the vegetable myself and eat it. My biggest fear are the bugs that may find my plants and destroy my babies. I must protect them!

Stay tuned, I’ll update my journey this summer. Follow us on Facebook where I’ll share photos of my babies!

Why no Long Term gmo research studies???

Anti gmo and pro gmo activists demand the same thing when it comes gmo’s….research..undeniable and concrete proof.  For consumers today to put their trust and belief in anything that could have a major impact on their health, we want proof.  Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? So why is it that from the day that gmo’s were first allowed into the food supply, through today, there have been no human health long term studies? Well my darling readers here’s the truth, and it is truly blood boiling! GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and numerous others prohibit independent research.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be! In 2009, an editorial in the well  respected American scientific monthly magazine, revealed this shocking bit of information.  There are no independent scientific studies published in any reputable  scientific journal in the world for one reason and one reason only.  It is impossible to independently verify that GMO crops like Monsanto Roundup Ready Soybeans or MON8110 GMO maize perform as the company claims they do, or that that they have no harmful side effects because the GMO companies absolutely forbid such tests from ever being performed!!

In order  to buy their seeds, whether to be planted for crops or to use in research study, Monsanto and the gene giant companies require an End User Agreement to be signed with the company. For the past decade,which is the period of time when the greatest number of GMO seeds in agriculture has taken place, Monsanto, Pioneer (DuPont) and Syngenta require anyone buying their GMO seeds to sign an agreement that explicitly forbids the seeds from being  used for any independent research. Scientists are strictly prohibited from testing a seed to explore the circumstances that causes the seed to flourish or fails. Comparing any characteristics of the GMO seed with any other GMO or non-GMO seeds from another company. is also strictly forbidden. (Go figure!!) And even more  alarming, is how they prohibit seed examination to determine whether genetically modified crops lead to unintended negative side-effects in the environment, animals,  or humans.  But don’t get me wrong, let’s give them some credit. (that was pure sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it!)  Some research is allowed.  Mmmhmm, it’s true.  Only pre-approved research by Monsanto and the other GMO companies is permitted to be published in reputable scientific peer-reviewed journals.  Hmmm, isit just me, or does that sound rather GE fishy?

Thanks to the amazing proclamation by former President George H.W. Bush in 1992, on request of course by Monsanto, no special Government tests of safety for GMO seeds would need to be conducted because GMO seeds were deemed to be “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO seeds by Mr. Bush (Is it just me, or does this scream corruption on the special interest level!).  Let’s continue.  Former attorneys for Monsanto were also appointed in governing  positions in both the EPA and FDA , which allows them to oversee the rules governing GE crops (Yep I can see no bias here, pfft.).  There have been NO Government tests of GMO seed safety to this date.  So where does the support that GE seeds and crops are safe coem from?  All tests are provided to the US Government on GMO safety or performance by the companies who created these seeds in the first place!! Well that explains a lot! It’s no wonder that so many people want to argue that these seeds and crops are so safe for humans, in addition to be the amazing solution to “World Hunger” But what choice do they have? After all, certainly if the company that creates the seeds used to create the crops, which are then used to feed millions of people across the globe, are deemed safe by those who created it in the first place they should be really safe right?  C’mon people, think about it.  Monsanto did the same thing for it’s Agent Orange creation, telling the world over and over and over how safe it was and yet is directly responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths and illnesses directly stemming from this poison we now refuse to accept as safe! Better yet, look at your vehicle.  You rely on it to get you to and from your home each and every day, and it has been tested and retested by outside sources numerous times (which is how the rating system was developed and gets determined!) to ensure that that vehicle is inf act safe for you and your family to ride in.  But when it comes to one of the basic necessities in life, like food, we aren’t allowed to have the same testing by outside and unbiased researchers.

So let’s review.  Monsanto and Gmo supporters demand the same proof that those of us who are against them are demanding.  Monsanto and the other Bio headaches continue to stand to deny outside research to be conducted on their seeds, and even require persons who want to purchase their seeds to sign an agreement that in so many terms states that they will not in fact conduct any of the tests these companies have defined as not allowed.  When research actually has been approved, the companies get to decide what gets to be said and published, before that research can be published.  I don’t know about you, but there is sure a ton of hush hush and restrictions on a product that is now inside over 75-85% of our food supply.  You would think that since GE crops are now a major part of our food supply, proving that their Franken-creations are for certain safe for consumers to consume over such long periods of time wouldn’t be at the front of their To Do list. But that’s clearly not the case.

So the next time you find yourself facing an individual who clearly supports and defends GE crops and gmo foods, or even while your sharing information online, nicely remind them that you can’t give them any additional research because the companies he/she supports consistently refuses to allow it, and when they do, they get to decide what gets said and what doesn’t!!


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