The Time is Now!!!

With the BioChem companies so well connected and in total control over our food gardens need to be taken to a whole new level if they are going to succeed and truly be beneficial to the people they are meant to support and keep healthy…As each day passes,, even organic farmers are battling to keep their crops safe from chemtrails, cross-breeding, and sabotage from those who wish eliminate the opposition.its not a conspiracy, this is our reality, and if we don’t keep our commitment and undivided attention on keeping a continued cycle of growing healthy and chemical free GMO free food growing..our children will never what a real apple tastes like, what a real orange tastes like, how crisp and amazing a real green bean tastes. Growing indoors, vertically, horizontally, using aquaponics, hydroponics,, it doesn’t matter..there are no excuses are time left to waste…keeping consumers poor and unhealthy is the goal of the agenda, and regardless of what you do or do not believe, a healthy and clean food supply and drinking water is the most important battle we should be trying to win right now…Make every day a good day to get out and get growing, get creative and start experimenting, it’s our health and wellness, our children’s future..Until we are all on the same page, helping each other in every way we can, sharing what we know and our skills, working together and standing united….we will lose this battle…as a parent, that is not starts with us…right here and right now…if it’s winter that your facing, bring your garden inside!! If your fortunate enough to be in a location where it never gets too cold, then grow as much as you can and preserve it, sharing it with those who cannot..There is no more room for I can’t, no more time left for I’ll start in the spring!! There are millions who need fresh water and healthy GMO free food right now!! If it were you, and your family, would you want people to wait until it was more convenient..THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Get our butts up and out and let’s get growing….It’s time to stop waiting and start doing…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! IT’S TIME FOR A FOOD REVOLUTION!!


October 10th is Worldwide Homeless Day!!

That’s right a day to raise awareness, and really get out there and help those in need. The statistics are horrifying both here in the US and on a worldwide level, with underdeveloped countries struggling the most. As our attention is being directed a dozen or more different ways, we are forgetting to look around us at the faces and people right there in our own neighborhoods and cities. If each of us stood and became their voice, let those voices ring loud and clear across the glob, that will no longer allow a single human being to go without food or any of the other basic necessities, this world would be a better place. Whether you print off some flyers to hand out, pas out gift cards or food, October 10th is your chance to help us make a difference even if its in the life of just one person. WE THE PEOPLE can make a difference, and we should be!

The homeless and poor need Heroes now!

Greetings fellow Food Revolutionaries, Today is Monday September 9th, 2013..Happy Monday to you and yours! As we watch and watch for the US to make its move against Syria…it is easy to forget about the problems and issues we need to be dealing with right here at home. Part of me thinks that this in fact the whole point…to distract you from seeing the evil and horrific events that are about to take place, and sadly have already begun. Over the last few months several cities have taken action against those who already have so little as it is. Barely able to get by, living wherever they can, trying to just make it through one more day..that is their daily life. And yet because these people aren’t driving around in nice cars, wearing nice clothes, or living the lives we all get to enjoy, it has been decided that these human beings are nothing but deadbeat nuisances, who make our cities look bad…who scare away tourists…who lead to supposed increased crimes..In south Carolina they not only made it illegal to be homeless, but have also gone so far as to forbid them from ever entering the city again!! Sickening! Shame on them! These people are not animals, they are human beings..fellow brothers and sisters.. who at one time not that long ago were assets to their communities and this country. Shipping them off like cattle to FEMA camps!! The same places we sit here every day and say we will NEVER let them take us of too. Where is the outrage? Where are the widespread protests? Where are the people who can see and know how wrong this is and are spreading the messages of justice for them?? We need Angels for the Homeless now!! Stand up, get up, speak out! We say we are tired of rights and freedoms being taken away and that will stop at nothing to protect our families…but these are fellow brothers and sisters and they deserve a chance to be retrained, taught how to be self-reliant and self-sufficient..a chance to become an asset to their cities and state again..The time is now!! Will you answer the call to do what is right?!

Words mean nothing, we need action!!

In the beginning there was excitement and rants about helping and doing something. We explained what our goals were, what we needed, and how much we need you to help us spread the message and come together. As the weeks have passed, our country and many others have seen additional conflicts and changes. People are suffering and struggling on an even greater level, in even greater numbers. Chemical and additive free foods and clean healthy water are vital to human health and wellness. They are crucial to being healthy and fighting off illness and diseases…My friends, our food supply has been monopolized by the very same company that brought us Agent Orange, and they (along with the other BioMafia corporations) are wiping real food off the shelves menus, leaving you with the genetically modified garbage “fake” foods that are creating new illnesses, causing chronic diseases and illness, and keeping our countries overweight. Our poor are the biggest the victims..they eat whatever they can find, with city after city making it illegal to give them food and even sleep at night. Enough is enough, and the time has come for you to decide who you really are. Are you the kind of person that stands there or walks by and tell yourself its not your problem, my tax dollars take care of that or they deserve t, or are you the person who was so excited to join us and do whatever you can to makea difference and fight back..We are fighters..We are do’ers..we are the strength, fists and power for those who have none..We are the Food Revolution and we call upon you to help us make a difference now!!

City Girl Farms: The Good & The Bad

It’s the thought that counts right? Apparently city living has been getting the best of me and I start slacking in certain areas. Well, here’s an update nearly 2 months since my garden debut.

Which shall we start with, the good, the bad or the ugly? Let’s mix it up a bit..

I had planted 2 tomato plants, both were doing well. One decided to take it easy and be lazy while the other one ended up being an overachiever and spread out a bit. But as they were both growing into small bushes, no blossoms and no fruit! EEK! I was feeling a bit jealous as my friends were posting pics of their awesome plump veggies, while I was sitting there staring at the tomato plant sending it telepathic thoughts to grow.

After I was done sulking, I decided to do a little research. Epsom salt was my answer! So I sprinkled some Epsom salt around my plants and did a happy dance and sang for them (all in my mind, not literally). Then playing the waiting game, again.

As of today, I have had to tie up part of the steroid growing tomato plant, and happy to report that is has many new blossoms and new baby tomatoes growing. Late season tomatoes, but nevertheless.

Next, cucumbers have been doing very well. Again, I was a bit concerned of not seeing any baby cuc’s growing, but just as I was ready to throw in the towel, BAM! Baby cuc’s started to grow. I have enjoyed building up my trellis and directing the vines to grow up it. I cut my first cucumber just the other day and had some of it this evening. I loved it!

My sweet pepper plant pretty much croaked as well. It looked week and all my little blossoms had fallen off. But, I didn’t give up and it seems to be bouncing back a bit. Might just get something from it late in the season.

Onions.. well, I gave up on those. The greens were perky for about a day or so and then began to fall over. I’ve left them alone but looks like now they just are tired and I don’t think they have grown any. I’ll have to dig one up and see what it going on.

Another loser in the backyard garden are the zucchini. These big leafed mammoths were doing great growing and making blossoms. Even being all perked up off of the ground, growing within tomato cages. All blossoms and no zucchini. I hear zucchini blossoms are good to cook and eat. I haven’t been that adventurous yet, so for now, the leafy plants are just taking up space and getting in the squirrels way.

About a month ago I picked up some Habanero plants at a farmers market that were marked down. One got dug up the very next day. Damn squirrels! The other three have survived and two of them are just now starting to produce a pepper!

So, despite my impatient manner, overall things are starting to pick up now. Late season stuff, but I am blaming the weather on this. Summer just hasn’t felt like summer around here.

Check in with us on Facebook where I’ve posted a few of my success photos! And stay tuned here as I am already planning my backyard garden for next year.

EVENING UPDATE: Upon saying goodnight to my babies this evening, I found I do indeed have a baby zucchini growing! However, I believe the plant has been overtaken by powdery mildew. 😦 Any suggestions?? Will the zucchini still be safe/okay to eat or should I continue to chalk this one as a lost crop this year?

Biotech Giants want you!

Recently I stumbled across an article that claimed Monsanto and several of the other biotech corporations want you to ask them questions. While I assure you that this is just another attempt to try and drum up some kind of positive image and support..heading off the to the article for yourself and asking the questions you have certainly can’t hurt. The bottom line is, if your smart and truly care about your future and your families health, you need to do as much research and investigating as you can. The back and forth between the conventional farmers (who use and live by bioseed), and our beloved organics will continue to plague your media channels until one or the other wins out and reigns supreme..Sadly I think the only real winners are the food companies and big businesses bottom line is if your poor which most of us are or are on the brink of eat what you can afford. And if you can only afford to replace some of your foods with organics a day or two a week or worse, even a month, and the rest of your diet is full of the garbage diets westerns thrive on..your not doing yourself any good..until we spread the free food movement..the losers are us the consumers..But please check out the link, ask questions and let us know what if anything you get back!! 🙂


We here at the Food Revolution have been quite busy as of lately, working on design plans for upcoming projects, working on new marketing materials, working in our own gardens, and fighting the war that has been waged against us the good people of each and every citizen, across the globe. It seems as of now we’re being poisoned by the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink. The rights to have safe and affordable housing, clean and safe water, fresh and non hazardous air to breathe, and healthy and toxin free foods to eat are freedoms that we were allowed to enjoy in past times. For too long, our governmental systems have kept us locked in a tight little box, believing what it feeds us, absorbing their promises and promises, and putting faith into their words and oath’s to protect us and keep us each living the lives we are entitled to live..lives without constant worry over being poisoned, jailed, beaten, bullied, or harmed..lives that are healthy and wholesome.

Over the past few months, many of our countries have seen, felt, and heard things we are not used to…many of us have sat on the edge of our seats, watching and waiting for the corruption, tyranny, lying, and greed to stop..for things to change for the better, for our futures to look brighter than what we face right now, right this minute. Many of you follow the news, whether it is online or offline, so I wont bore you with the news that is the final straw for us here at the Food Revolution. If congress, here in the United States, passes the TPP (which we are certain by the 25th of July it will!), The Trans-Pacific Partnership would give corporations the right to sue national governments if they passed any law, regulation, or court ruling interfering with a corporation’s “expected future profits.” A news article I read today also stated the following: “They could also sue over local or state laws they didn’t like. The TPP would cover 40 percent of the world’s economy. Existing laws and regulations on food safety, environmental protection, drug prices, local contracting, and internet freedom would all be up for challenge. And the decision-makers on such suits would not be local judges and juries; they’d be affiliated with the World Bank, an institution dedicated to corporate interests (Slaughter, 2013). This will mean that states will pass all the laws and amendments they want and may find it means nothing. In essence my friends Democracy as we know it is coming to an end, and if you don’t start taking precautions now and preparing now, you only have yourself to blame. We need to stand together, work together, and fight together to make a difference..POWER TO THE PEOPLE, Its Time for A Food Revolution!!

Slaughter, J. (2013). Secret TPP Deal Would Void Democracy. Retrieved from

The time has come…Are you ready to do your part…..It’s time for a Food Revolution..

Over the last several weeks, we have been busy organizing and fine tuning all of our ideas, projects, and resources (though this will be an ongoing process), to make sure that we can pass it all on to you in a way that will provide you with the most success and help you to do the most good. Many of you have been waiting to find out how you can help, how you can start a food revolution in your community/area, and what you can do to help fight back against the Biomafia companies and food industries that are spending millions if not billions to keep you addicted to their toxic and deadly foods, sick with chronic diseases and illnesses, and worse than that..starving out our fellow brothers and sisters who are forced to remain prisoners of rapidly deteriorating low-income communities. Healthy and nurturing food should not be a should not be only for those who can afford to pay the higher cost of organic foods..Healthy and chemical free foods should be a necessity for everyone, and access to those safe and nutrient rich chemical free foods should exist in each and every community, in every community, in every state, and in every country. For the most part, consumers across the globe have been unknowingly ingesting harmful chemicals and toxins because our governments have care more about profit and higher crop yields than human safety..because they refuse to ban cease and desist their continued attack on our health and wellness..we here at the Food Revolution have decided it is time for us to do our part to right the unjust, harmful, and dangerous wrongs that have been done in this world..and while we may not have the savings accounts of millions and billions of dollars in them, what we do have is the social media, skills, knowledge, and the ability to help lead others into doing the same thing..And here, my fellow revolutionaries, is how you can do just that!!! In no specific order:

1.) Build up support and awareness locally by starting your own Food Revolution page for your specific city (or your equivalent!) It is the foundation for people in your area to go to, to find the latest information, news, resources, events, etc. This makes it easier for you to collect the contact information for those who wish to help you in this battle, and stay in touch. Building your army of supporters this way helps you to do more good, spread out jobs and projects, and not carry the burden all on your own! As if helping to feed others, healthy and chemical foods is a burden 🙂 Please make sure that once you create your own page you share your pages link on our page so we can build our united Food Revolution empire

2.) Download our logo (if you need it let us know) and personalize it with your Facebook pages address and any contact information that you want to have on the flyer. This will be a valuable to pass out to people when you are out and about or at organized protests and marches! You can use the logo on websites, blogs, t-shirts, buttons etc..

3.) Research local resources..your local community is the best source of resources for you to use. See if you can get local neighbors, stores, home improvement centers, etc.. to donate tools, time, volunteers, and other supplies that you will need to start and keep your free food gardens growing!

4.) Depending on what city, state, and country you live in, this is where things get tricky. It seems that no matter if your working to do good in your community or not, laws are laws and rules and codes are rules and codes. Check to see what (if any) your local area has in the way of setting up community gardens, converting lawns to free food gardens, etc. By following the rules and making sure that you are not in violation of any of them, is the difference between healthy and chemical free food to share for free with those who need it, and all your hard work being dug up and taken out.

5.) Know your area! In communities/cities that enjoy year round warmth and sunshine, you can pretty much grow just about anything without too much trouble. Areas that have winters and months of cooler temperatures need to make sure that you select vegetables and fruits that can be grown in your soil and temperatures! Plan to plant-based on your season and area.

6.) Get out and talk about what you/we are doing! Talking to people while your out and about and talking about your page, gardens, needs, our mission will get you more volunteers and maybe even more donations!!

7.) Talk to local schools and see if you can’t bring in some of your fresh produce to donate for their school lunches!! Monsanto spends hundreds of thousands of dollars within the united states on providing them money and items for their lunch programs to feed their students. Maybe with some luck we can help them grow or expand a fresh food garden that they can use instead!

8.) Make sure that when you have decided to start your own local revolution, that you let us know so we can add you to our priv ate member group..It is there where we will discuss important projects, project ideas/videos, coordinate special events together, chat, and get help and extra support!!

9.) While our goal is to have our tools and items all donated, there are many times when that is not possible..permits, park rentals for special events, seed/plant purchases, etc may still have to be paid for..this is why I urge you to start an online fundraiser page (i use Fundraz through facebook…yes you will pay a small fee out of each donation) but you will need to set up a paypal account regardless..if there is another fundraiser or donation site you prefer use it! I make jewelry and recycled accessories, and homemade bath and body products to sell on etsy and in a fb store and put the money I earn directly into my paypal account to cover our expenses 🙂 Please remember to shop around and find the cheapest cost to you possible.

10.) Check our page for gardening tips, tricks, and how to’s..

For now this will get you started and get you motivated…time is not on our side, as our governments continue to take take, and what little funding programs do still have coming in, will not be able to carry the load of new individuals and families who are forced into poverty as new weapons and wars continue to be on the priority list. I can’t tell you how many times I have watch in horror, as people fill buses and trucks with cans of gmo infested food to feed the hungry, which contributes to their failing health and deaths..why feed others what you yourself wont eat..And then of course i hear people telling me that the food banks and shelters often wont allow donated fresh produce or organic canned goods because of liability..ugh!! Maybe it’s time for a new free food bank to come into reality?? It is us against a mighty and powerful force, but if we stand together and do not waiver from our mission to get healthy and safe food into the hands of those who need it, we shall begin to take them down and take back the food supply that has been monopolized for too long. Power to the people, it’s time to grow a Revolution and feed the future!! Healthy and safe food should be free for everyone!!

Money for killing and war, but not for education, healthcare, or to feed our low income and poor?

Greetings fellow Revolutionaries. Today I stumbled upon a youtube video that deciphered something I had heard was true, but until today just didn’t have a true scope as to how things really were. Granted the video highlighted the 2011 military budget, something that we have far exceeded in the two years since, but the excessive spending on wars we should not be in..on weapons to murder…while starving the life out of our already struggling and suffering low-income communities is the same. Needless to say, I am sickened and utterly in shock. According to the video, 53% of tax dollars funds the well oiled and fine tuned war and killing machine. For a country with so many rights and freedoms, we have an amazing job of giving to the rich and stealing from the poor. Healthcare, unemployment, education, and vital services to ensure our already struggling low-income communities continue to lose funding and be forced into nothingness, as the rich governments and big businesses along with all of their special interest groups and supporters, continue to get richer…and our hard-earned tax dollars continue to murder innocent men, women, and children in other countries, and pay for wars we simply shouldn’t be in or can afford. Yes my friends, we have truly become a great country haven’t we. I cannot help but wonder what our founding fathers would have to say if they could be brought back to life just for 24 hours..what would they say? How would they feel? Is this how they saw the citizens of this country, how we treat the citizens of so many other countries? I think not. This has to stop!! And the only way it can and will, is with you refusing to take part in the processes that have become a normal part of our every day lives. it is time to stop the corrupt government from brainwashing our children in school….it is time for us to stop buying food to feed our families and friends from the grocery stores that are nothing but poisons in pretty packages….it is time to stop giving money to the corrupt and greedy big businesses and governments that use that money to create new weapons of destruction s while murdering innocent human beings and paying for wars we should simply not be in. While I know it is not easy, change never is, it is imperative that we no longer freely choose to be a pawn in this game of monopolization and control. We are people, human beings, which are entitled to the same basic necessities and rights as the next person, regardless of age, sex, religion, culture, beliefs, social status, political background, etc..this is our life, our families, our homes, our communities, and together we can work together and take back what is ours and take care of one another..together we can and will make a difference, you just have to stop choose to change…Power to the People!!

It’s Time to Feed the Future!!! We need your help!

Greetings! Happy Thursday my fellow revolutionaries!! It is so amazing to watch the number of subscribers for our blog, and the number of “likes” for our Facebook page increasing day after day. Getting our messages to as many people as we can is hwo we will be able to create the much needed changes that we have come together to create. But as great as all of that is, and as important as all of that is in helping to reach eyes and ears across the globe, there is still so much work that needs to be done. Over the past few days and week, we have been working tirelessly to introduce to you some serious problems that need to be addressed. You see my fellow revolutionaries, in addition to governments that continue to put the needs and safety of its people below profit and big business, we also are battling a handful of Bio. companies which we have simply nicknamed the Biomafia’s, who have for far too long been allowed to poison our soils through GE crops, our bodies through gmo filled foods and beverages, and our waters, as their chemicals and un-natural alterations of our food supply sink into the water we bathe in and drink. And this is not confined to the United States, no my fellow revolutionaries, this is being approved and allow in many countries across the globe. And thus far, they have been given the freedom to do so by those individuals who are directly responsible for ensuring our health, safety, and total wellness stay protected. They have failed us. Vote after vote, and lack of long-term health studies to prove the safety of such products, have not mattered as much to government organizations (such as the FDA, EPA, and USDA) as profit and higher crop yields. We must feed the masses save starving countries, that is the message they sing in so many words on their public pages, and to the press. I say nonsense!! Over the years, several GE crops have been shown to cause serious health problems in the animals they were using to test (of course that’s before the Biomafia companies sweeps in to run damage control, and harshly discredits any researcher and study that shows the any negative results of their products). Just the other day I told you how Syngenta (a large and powerful GE seed grower!) actually crossed the lines and hired detectives to dig up dirt now only a researcher who showed that Syngenta’s Atrazine made male frogs turn into female, but also on a judge who was overseeing a case against the Biomafia company!! (can you say blackmail!?) Meanwhile our number of chronic diseases continue to increase, as does the number of illnesses, food allergies, and weight problems. SOmething that I promise you, sooner or later, will be linked to the foods we have been eating. And still these companies are not being held responsible, and not being made to allow outside long term human health studies. Instead they are kept safe by our corrupt governments, in the name of the future……

So let’s address the future. In several poor countries, farmers who are racking up enormous debt from growng GE crops, are committing suicide at an alarming rate! Drowning in debt with no relief in sight is just too much from them. What about their future? If Ge crops were designed to save the world and solve the hunger problems across the globe, then we should all be healthy and well fed. But we aren’t. The diseases are increasing in numbers, deaths from poor nutrition and lack of food are increasing, our soils, bodies, and waters are all being poisoned, and people are still hungry!!! Ge crops and gmo foods are nothing less than a BS gimmick to sell their products, rake in high profits, keep people sick and dying so they have to rely on medications and doctors, and worse yet..the food industry continues to create the unhealthy gmo foods and beverages that leave you addicted to them and coming back for more. (Can we say weight control nightmare?!) So a solution they are not. Today the House did not pass the 2013 Farm Bill..normally I should be telling you to celebrate however the House did not agree to pass it because it did not strip away even more money from the government aid programs that ensure that all low-income individuals and low-income families can afford to put food in their bodies, while still paying for the roof they have over their heads, clothes on their backs, and medicine when they are sick. These the basic necessities that every human being should have to ensure they can thrive and function the same as the next person. But that’s not the case. The government’s and wealthy see this class of people as a burden to society, heck on Facebook today numerous comments were made referring to these men, women, and children as “losers,” “lazy.” and “leeches.” Clearly the people who feel this way have never felt real pains from being hungry, have never gone to bed hungry, or tried to go to school hungry. This has been an ongoing problem for far too long, and it’s time for it to stop. No more struggling, no more suffering, no more dying from diseases and illnesses that can be prevented. Since our governments, big businesses, and wealthy won’t do something, then my fellow revolutionaries…’s time for us to do our part and Feed the Future!!

The Food Revolution is about providing education, creating and implementing solutions, and helping to bring in the resources and support that low-income communities, and really everyone needs to make healthier food and diet choices, and spend less time being sick, overweight, and on medications. Do you want to bring the Biomafia companies and food industry to its knees? Do you want to help heal, feed, and give people who would much rather help themselves than have to go to anyone else to ask for help? The Food Revolution is your chance. A Revolution Garden is the answer, in addition to nutrition centers to teach proper nutrition, healthier cooking, growing your own food, making safer and healthier cleaners, and becoming more self-sufficient. Many areas have taken one or to of these things and put them in their communities without a problem, but they aren’t enough. Without the proper education and support you leave people to make the sme choices, and same purchases, that not only holds them back from ever truly being free from the government programs, but also continue to put money into the companies and food industry we want to bleed dry. We are the answer, and we can do it, with your help. We need teachers, lawyers, artists, writers, bloggers, web designers, gardeners, we need everyone and anyone who has any skills, as well as dreamers, activists, and anyone who wants to truly make a difference. We will at no point apply for any government funding, so donations and freebies are our only outlet, but together as a United people, we HAVE THE POWER to create and force this change. It is our goal to have a Revolution Garden in every community, in every state, across this and every country. People helping people, working and learning together as one..My Fellow Revolutionaries, dreams are wonderful, but projects that force change and take back the control that we have lost until now is far better. Join us fellow revolutionary brothers and sisters, and helps us to show those that we oppose, that we hold the key and power to a better and healthier tomorrow, and we will succeed in doing what for so many years the food industry and Biomafia companies have not. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! IT’S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!!

To find out more, or to sign up to help start a local chapter and begin implementing our projects locally, send us a msg here, on our Facebook page, or to our private email @

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