Juice It

You don’t have to be in the field of Nutrition to know the importance of vegetables and fruits in your diet.  The typical American western diet is rich in excess amounts of over-processed foods, fried fatty foods, sugars, and salt.  Food companies are the brilliant ones, yes they are! They have made it their mission to make sure that all of these “bad for you” foods are not only yummy to eat, but also addictive as well.  Juicing is a great way to get the most vegetables and fruits into your bodies! I bought my Breville juicer a few months ago, and now even my teenage son juices some pretty darn amazing creations.  What started it all was the documentary I watch called” Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Talk about life changing!! It was the first thing I have watched in quite some time that actually made me cry.  There was a man who was struggling with serious health issues in addition to being overweight, and running out of answers and help.  I can so relate! When you struggle each day with issues and problems and doctors run out of answers and solutions, your left pretty much feeling like your just left  passing the time til you die.  I wanted to get healthier, feel better, be happier, and be free from the chains of medications and pain that I had lived in for so long.  But I always felt like wall after wall was hitting me in the face.  There are so many vegetables I just don’t like the taste ( or in many cases, after-taste!) of.  Juicing offered me the perfect solution! With the exception of following common sense rules, like making sure most of your daily juices are vegetable based so you don’t flood your system with tons of sugar fruit contains, it’s simple and great for your body.  Even smoothies have become a way to blend the miracles of vegetables and fruit together to create some amazing creations! You don’t need to run out and buy the most expensive juicer or blender on the market.  Any one of them will do! And as long s your buying organic or fresh local produce from your farmers market, and wash each healing item before you magically convert each food item into a glass of healthy and nourishing yum, your all set! The hardest part about juicing, is learning to create each blend in a way that you will drink down every drop.  Food, as always, was meant to be enjoyed.  Every ingredient coating your tongue, and exciting your taste buds, with each gulp. Learning how much of each vegetable and/or fruit to add is the trick to being a successful juicer.

The benefits of juicing are numerous! rather than write a novel, I’ll share with you links to the information and sites with healthy recipes, so you can see, read, and decide for yourself!!

Benefits to juicing!


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead! (Tons of info and support!)




My Fave!


More Recipes!




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