About US

Hippocrates said it best, when he uttered the words: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Food has the amazing ability to be our best friend or our worst enemy.  Since having my son just over 15 years ago, food has become something much more.  It’s become an obsession and a commitment, but not in the way that many upon hearing that may think.  I love all things new age and alternative, and that of course opened the doors to so many things.  I became obsessed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and how our foods in their most perfect and natural state, are the keys to living a healthy, happy and whole life.  Before all our fat food drive thru’s and grocery stores lined from floor to ceiling with over-processed conventional fake foods, we found all we needed in what earth gave us.  Apples were apples, fish were simply fish, and we shared with our neighbors our healthy harvests because helping others in need was just the right thing to do.  Looking around, as we drive through our small town, I wonder where those things stopped being important. It’s sad, and how we allowed things to get this far out of our reach.  Who am I? I am just a daughter, sister, mother, and wife who knows that if we want our children and their children and future generations to know what a real food tastes like, things need to change.

For the last dozen+ years nutrition, food, health and wellness has been my hobby, obsession, passion, and life.  I see countries starving to death. cities full of hungry and homeless, companies who no longer remember what makes their businesses successful, while consumer health and wellness is traded in for profit and higher crop yields, and I believe it’s evil and wrong.  I am neither old nor young, and I celebrate nature and earth thankful for the blessings that lay all around us but we often ignore or overlook.  I am a proud animal rights supporter, hippie and peace loving, save the environment human being who sees us tearing apart the only planet we have to live on.  I believe in putting back what we take, and sharing what we have.  Helping those in need without judgement or prejudice, and living life with the understanding that each of us is responsible for the choices we make each day.  I am simply someone who wants to spend the rest of my life helping to educate, feed, hug, and change the lives of as many people as I can before I leave this life.  I want to share everything I have learned, tried, created, failed at, and know with as many people as I can.  By taking control of what and how we feed ourselves and our families, we can take back control over our food supply.  I am nobody, somebody, but mostly I am just me.


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