Marigold Graveyard

Picture1000 125It’s been a distracting last few months, I hope to get back into this and entertain and engage you all. I am calling this year’s backyard garden a success!! My tomatoes were nonstop, once I fed the ground with some nutrients. I had to pick all of my tomatoes off the vine before the frost/freeze got to them. I still have quite a few sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to turn color.

I have ignored my little garden plot since I picked the last of the fruit, up until the other day. I took notice that my pretty colorful marigolds had all turned brown and dying. My empty dead vine filled trellis stood bare. The last of the wilted tomato plants hanging by strings tied to the nearby tree. A layer of brown dried leaves covering the garden plot. The only green I could see from the distance was a few snapdragon plants still holding on. Along with some Dusty miller plants that have grown 50x bigger since I planted them.

I decided to take a stroll over to say one last good bye before winter sits in. And to my surprise, I found some green sprouts popping up through the bed of leaves. My long forgotten onions! Not sure what their story is, or what they plan on doing, but seeing their greens gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I didn’t plan on any fall and winter gardening, which now I am feeling a bit left out. However, for the time being, I do have a pot full of dead marigold heads to de-seed. Would anyone like a packet of seeds? 🙂

Picture1000 128


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Just a city girl trying to make a mark on this earth, whether it be by digging & planting or shouting to wake up the masses. A revolution is upon us.

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