The Time is Now!!!

With the BioChem companies so well connected and in total control over our food gardens need to be taken to a whole new level if they are going to succeed and truly be beneficial to the people they are meant to support and keep healthy…As each day passes,, even organic farmers are battling to keep their crops safe from chemtrails, cross-breeding, and sabotage from those who wish eliminate the opposition.its not a conspiracy, this is our reality, and if we don’t keep our commitment and undivided attention on keeping a continued cycle of growing healthy and chemical free GMO free food growing..our children will never what a real apple tastes like, what a real orange tastes like, how crisp and amazing a real green bean tastes. Growing indoors, vertically, horizontally, using aquaponics, hydroponics,, it doesn’t matter..there are no excuses are time left to waste…keeping consumers poor and unhealthy is the goal of the agenda, and regardless of what you do or do not believe, a healthy and clean food supply and drinking water is the most important battle we should be trying to win right now…Make every day a good day to get out and get growing, get creative and start experimenting, it’s our health and wellness, our children’s future..Until we are all on the same page, helping each other in every way we can, sharing what we know and our skills, working together and standing united….we will lose this battle…as a parent, that is not starts with us…right here and right now…if it’s winter that your facing, bring your garden inside!! If your fortunate enough to be in a location where it never gets too cold, then grow as much as you can and preserve it, sharing it with those who cannot..There is no more room for I can’t, no more time left for I’ll start in the spring!! There are millions who need fresh water and healthy GMO free food right now!! If it were you, and your family, would you want people to wait until it was more convenient..THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Get our butts up and out and let’s get growing….It’s time to stop waiting and start doing…POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! IT’S TIME FOR A FOOD REVOLUTION!!


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Hi! I'm an earth loving, gothic obsessed, hippie chick who loves the outdoors, crafting, creating and designing all kinds of gifts and handmade products and accessories.

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  1. traineehypnotist

    It’s such a shame how the food we eat is so mechanized and messed about with now, we really seem to have become completely disconnected from the food chain. And a truly sad state of affairs when huge money grabbing companies patent the foods we eat. They’ve already poisoned our water supply,they do their best to poison our air supply and not content with that the want to control our food. The food revolution is coming and it needs to come soon.

    • Absolutely!! And the more people are educated the quicker they are to make better choices in their food habits! Together we can and will take back our food supply!

      • traineehypnotist

        Definitely, we need to start teaching our children not only about nutrition and cookery. But also how to produce their own food, getting gardens in school. It’s one thing been taught about the life cycle of a plant in a class room but they could gain so much knowledge and pride from producing their own plants. And showing them that what they eat isn’t always clean and wrapped in plastic that meat comes from animals. Giving them the information to make informed decisions. But also instilling in them a love of food and a respect for what goes in to it. Because at the moment there is a huge separation from food. When you speak to a 10 year old and he doesn’t realise that a chicken nugget comes from a chicken, “allegedly” there has to be something wrong somewhere. Thanks for the blog it’s great.

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