City Girl Farms: The Good & The Bad

It’s the thought that counts right? Apparently city living has been getting the best of me and I start slacking in certain areas. Well, here’s an update nearly 2 months since my garden debut.

Which shall we start with, the good, the bad or the ugly? Let’s mix it up a bit..

I had planted 2 tomato plants, both were doing well. One decided to take it easy and be lazy while the other one ended up being an overachiever and spread out a bit. But as they were both growing into small bushes, no blossoms and no fruit! EEK! I was feeling a bit jealous as my friends were posting pics of their awesome plump veggies, while I was sitting there staring at the tomato plant sending it telepathic thoughts to grow.

After I was done sulking, I decided to do a little research. Epsom salt was my answer! So I sprinkled some Epsom salt around my plants and did a happy dance and sang for them (all in my mind, not literally). Then playing the waiting game, again.

As of today, I have had to tie up part of the steroid growing tomato plant, and happy to report that is has many new blossoms and new baby tomatoes growing. Late season tomatoes, but nevertheless.

Next, cucumbers have been doing very well. Again, I was a bit concerned of not seeing any baby cuc’s growing, but just as I was ready to throw in the towel, BAM! Baby cuc’s started to grow. I have enjoyed building up my trellis and directing the vines to grow up it. I cut my first cucumber just the other day and had some of it this evening. I loved it!

My sweet pepper plant pretty much croaked as well. It looked week and all my little blossoms had fallen off. But, I didn’t give up and it seems to be bouncing back a bit. Might just get something from it late in the season.

Onions.. well, I gave up on those. The greens were perky for about a day or so and then began to fall over. I’ve left them alone but looks like now they just are tired and I don’t think they have grown any. I’ll have to dig one up and see what it going on.

Another loser in the backyard garden are the zucchini. These big leafed mammoths were doing great growing and making blossoms. Even being all perked up off of the ground, growing within tomato cages. All blossoms and no zucchini. I hear zucchini blossoms are good to cook and eat. I haven’t been that adventurous yet, so for now, the leafy plants are just taking up space and getting in the squirrels way.

About a month ago I picked up some Habanero plants at a farmers market that were marked down. One got dug up the very next day. Damn squirrels! The other three have survived and two of them are just now starting to produce a pepper!

So, despite my impatient manner, overall things are starting to pick up now. Late season stuff, but I am blaming the weather on this. Summer just hasn’t felt like summer around here.

Check in with us on Facebook where I’ve posted a few of my success photos! And stay tuned here as I am already planning my backyard garden for next year.

EVENING UPDATE: Upon saying goodnight to my babies this evening, I found I do indeed have a baby zucchini growing! However, I believe the plant has been overtaken by powdery mildew. 😦 Any suggestions?? Will the zucchini still be safe/okay to eat or should I continue to chalk this one as a lost crop this year?


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Just a city girl trying to make a mark on this earth, whether it be by digging & planting or shouting to wake up the masses. A revolution is upon us.

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