It’s Time to Feed the Future!!! We need your help!

Greetings! Happy Thursday my fellow revolutionaries!! It is so amazing to watch the number of subscribers for our blog, and the number of “likes” for our Facebook page increasing day after day. Getting our messages to as many people as we can is hwo we will be able to create the much needed changes that we have come together to create. But as great as all of that is, and as important as all of that is in helping to reach eyes and ears across the globe, there is still so much work that needs to be done. Over the past few days and week, we have been working tirelessly to introduce to you some serious problems that need to be addressed. You see my fellow revolutionaries, in addition to governments that continue to put the needs and safety of its people below profit and big business, we also are battling a handful of Bio. companies which we have simply nicknamed the Biomafia’s, who have for far too long been allowed to poison our soils through GE crops, our bodies through gmo filled foods and beverages, and our waters, as their chemicals and un-natural alterations of our food supply sink into the water we bathe in and drink. And this is not confined to the United States, no my fellow revolutionaries, this is being approved and allow in many countries across the globe. And thus far, they have been given the freedom to do so by those individuals who are directly responsible for ensuring our health, safety, and total wellness stay protected. They have failed us. Vote after vote, and lack of long-term health studies to prove the safety of such products, have not mattered as much to government organizations (such as the FDA, EPA, and USDA) as profit and higher crop yields. We must feed the masses save starving countries, that is the message they sing in so many words on their public pages, and to the press. I say nonsense!! Over the years, several GE crops have been shown to cause serious health problems in the animals they were using to test (of course that’s before the Biomafia companies sweeps in to run damage control, and harshly discredits any researcher and study that shows the any negative results of their products). Just the other day I told you how Syngenta (a large and powerful GE seed grower!) actually crossed the lines and hired detectives to dig up dirt now only a researcher who showed that Syngenta’s Atrazine made male frogs turn into female, but also on a judge who was overseeing a case against the Biomafia company!! (can you say blackmail!?) Meanwhile our number of chronic diseases continue to increase, as does the number of illnesses, food allergies, and weight problems. SOmething that I promise you, sooner or later, will be linked to the foods we have been eating. And still these companies are not being held responsible, and not being made to allow outside long term human health studies. Instead they are kept safe by our corrupt governments, in the name of the future……

So let’s address the future. In several poor countries, farmers who are racking up enormous debt from growng GE crops, are committing suicide at an alarming rate! Drowning in debt with no relief in sight is just too much from them. What about their future? If Ge crops were designed to save the world and solve the hunger problems across the globe, then we should all be healthy and well fed. But we aren’t. The diseases are increasing in numbers, deaths from poor nutrition and lack of food are increasing, our soils, bodies, and waters are all being poisoned, and people are still hungry!!! Ge crops and gmo foods are nothing less than a BS gimmick to sell their products, rake in high profits, keep people sick and dying so they have to rely on medications and doctors, and worse yet..the food industry continues to create the unhealthy gmo foods and beverages that leave you addicted to them and coming back for more. (Can we say weight control nightmare?!) So a solution they are not. Today the House did not pass the 2013 Farm Bill..normally I should be telling you to celebrate however the House did not agree to pass it because it did not strip away even more money from the government aid programs that ensure that all low-income individuals and low-income families can afford to put food in their bodies, while still paying for the roof they have over their heads, clothes on their backs, and medicine when they are sick. These the basic necessities that every human being should have to ensure they can thrive and function the same as the next person. But that’s not the case. The government’s and wealthy see this class of people as a burden to society, heck on Facebook today numerous comments were made referring to these men, women, and children as “losers,” “lazy.” and “leeches.” Clearly the people who feel this way have never felt real pains from being hungry, have never gone to bed hungry, or tried to go to school hungry. This has been an ongoing problem for far too long, and it’s time for it to stop. No more struggling, no more suffering, no more dying from diseases and illnesses that can be prevented. Since our governments, big businesses, and wealthy won’t do something, then my fellow revolutionaries…’s time for us to do our part and Feed the Future!!

The Food Revolution is about providing education, creating and implementing solutions, and helping to bring in the resources and support that low-income communities, and really everyone needs to make healthier food and diet choices, and spend less time being sick, overweight, and on medications. Do you want to bring the Biomafia companies and food industry to its knees? Do you want to help heal, feed, and give people who would much rather help themselves than have to go to anyone else to ask for help? The Food Revolution is your chance. A Revolution Garden is the answer, in addition to nutrition centers to teach proper nutrition, healthier cooking, growing your own food, making safer and healthier cleaners, and becoming more self-sufficient. Many areas have taken one or to of these things and put them in their communities without a problem, but they aren’t enough. Without the proper education and support you leave people to make the sme choices, and same purchases, that not only holds them back from ever truly being free from the government programs, but also continue to put money into the companies and food industry we want to bleed dry. We are the answer, and we can do it, with your help. We need teachers, lawyers, artists, writers, bloggers, web designers, gardeners, we need everyone and anyone who has any skills, as well as dreamers, activists, and anyone who wants to truly make a difference. We will at no point apply for any government funding, so donations and freebies are our only outlet, but together as a United people, we HAVE THE POWER to create and force this change. It is our goal to have a Revolution Garden in every community, in every state, across this and every country. People helping people, working and learning together as one..My Fellow Revolutionaries, dreams are wonderful, but projects that force change and take back the control that we have lost until now is far better. Join us fellow revolutionary brothers and sisters, and helps us to show those that we oppose, that we hold the key and power to a better and healthier tomorrow, and we will succeed in doing what for so many years the food industry and Biomafia companies have not. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! IT’S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!!

To find out more, or to sign up to help start a local chapter and begin implementing our projects locally, send us a msg here, on our Facebook page, or to our private email @


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