McDonald’s anyone?

Today at lunch I decided to stake claim in a shady area across the way from a place with golden arches. My intention was to relax, read a bit (Detroit: An American Autopsy) and enjoy the warmth and of the sun. Instead I was entranced by all the attention the small crowded in/out drive of the burger joint. Okay, not really a place I would call a “burger joint”. If I were to choose to indulge (a big IF) it certainly would not be at this establishment or any other 1-2 worded heart attack joints. Anyways, I was mesmerized by how quickly the cars pulled in, around the building and then back out. Hence, fast food. Next, what caught my attention was how quickly the line backed up, about quarter after noon. Most typical time for lunch anywhere. BUT the line of cars was so backed up, it was blocking the main drive to the neighboring grocery store as well as the main drive from the road. People honked their horns, impatiently waiting to get by those wanting their quick cheap fix. As they say, grease is cheap. It’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s suppose to satisfy that hunger, at least until the pizza is ready to be picked up on the way home.

Without getting into the labor practices, the effects on the environment, animal welfare of the cows & chickens, and the influence on children, I’ll keep this post strictly to a few brief points regarding their food. There are numerous articles and stories that elaborate in detail, as well as lot of opinion and speculation. But maybe this will get you to think twice before eating out, and not only at the Arches, but really anywhere.

  • How about some duck feathers or human hair (disguised as L-cysteine) in your fruit pie? Or how about sand (silicon dioxide) and wood (cellulose) in your burger? And don’t forget the soil fertilizer (ammonium sulfate) in the buns. And don’t get me started on the ‘pink slime’…
  • Many individuals have done their own experiments to see how long it takes for a burger to decay. Long story short… a McDonald’s burger will take a long long long long long time to show any signs of rot or mold. How is this classified as REAL food?
  • Don’t be fooled by the ordering the chicken. There’s a lot that goes into making and forming the ‘nuggets’. Synthetic chemicals and modified food starch (MSG!) to say the least.
  • Salad may sound the best bet if you absolutely HAVE to stop and grab something quick… but I’ll save the calorie, fat and sodium talk for another time.

So, what did you have for lunch today?


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Just a city girl trying to make a mark on this earth, whether it be by digging & planting or shouting to wake up the masses. A revolution is upon us.

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