And Monsanto says……

We all are now well aware of the recent discovery of GE wheat growing unintended on a farm in Oregon.  There are so many questions that come from this recent finding, and the answers we’re given leave even more.  So let’s break it down as best we can.  Monsanto stopped its development of genetically modified wheat in 2004.  This happened as a result of growing concerns from American farmers who strongly felt that it would endanger exports to countries that ban these type products.  With me so far? Great! Numerous countries do not accept imports of genetically modified foods.  Since their first days of use, there has been an ongoing battle as to whether GE seeds, which were designed to resist insecticides and herbicides, add nutritional benefits, and improve crop yields to increase the global food supply, could also cause serious health conditions and harm the environment.  As we told you in a previous post, part of the problem millions like us have with GE seeds and gmo foods, is the lack of outside research that would provide everyone with these answers.  If you remember, just a few days ago, we told you why there hasn’t been such research conducted, and why even peer-reviewed journals are now being forced to provide you with articles that Monsanto allows to be published! (Monsanto is notorious for having its thugs run  major damage control when you try to discredit the company, and prove that it has been lying to consumers for far too long!) Because of this monopolization and continuous refusal to allow unbiased and non-Monsanto funded research to prove that their claims has been valid, you have the opposition we have today.  But back on track! The United States exports about half of its wheat crop to other countries.   Since the announcement of the discovery of this genetically modified wheat in Oregon, Japan which is one of the largest export markets for the U.S. wheat growers,  suspended numerous wheat imported shipments. South Korea was quick to follow, and said it would increase its inspections of U.S. wheat imports.  The European Union has asked its 27 nations, to also conduct additional testing.  As Monsanto stocks began to drop, we were still waiting for answers!! Oregon State University researchers get credit for discovering that the mysterious wheat had the genetic modification that Monsanto used in its field testing.  *Gasp* But Monsanto hasn’t done wheat testing in many years!! Where did it come from!?!?!!?Monsanto, as it comes under heavy fire from all sides, swears that when the test fields were cleared in Oregon in 2001, the seed samples were sent to a USDA deep-storage facility in Colorado.  Deep storage?? Monsanto’s research director, Claire Cajacob, claims that the company does keep some samples on hand, so that they can be able to test. The rest of the seed, however,  is destroyed.  Wait the seeds are sent to deep storage, they keep some to run tests on, but the rest are destroyed? Confused yet? We are!!!  Cajacob states:”We’ve been very careful of how seed is stored and where it’s stored.” So now we really have some questions, because that makes no sense whatsoever! Are they storing the seeds in their deep-storage or did they destroy all of those seeds?

Here’s where it really gets our attention! Cajacob also claims that the company conducted follow-ups with any entity that possessed the seed with the so-called Roundup Ready gene and confirmed that they shipped it to Colorado or destroyed it.” What?!?!?!? So several entities that remain un-named for whatever reason they will come up with soon and tell us, have possession of the seeds that we were just told were sitting in deep-storage, and if we hear her words correctly, destroyed? At least now we know that at some point these seeds were shipped to Colorado.  Doing some research, we learned that testing in Oregon ended in 2001, which is just four years before testing ended nationally. Monsanto representatives claim that the average wheat seed only stays viable for one to two years in a harsh climate like Eastern Oregon’s.  Mmhmmm.  So altering the DNA of seed doesn’t give it new traits or qualities that weren’t necessarily intended? Pfft!! It happens!! So here we have this mysterious growth of Monsanto wheat.  This wheat popped up in a rotational field that was supposed to be fallow in 2013.  None of this gives us any answers.  Til now.  Now we get Monsanto’s reaction and statements.  On Wednesday, Monsanto made the claim that the Oregon field where the wheat was found last week, was in fact contaminated with Monsanto’s unapproved GM wheat, but that it was an “isolated” incident, and that it was very  likely either the result of an accident or “sabotage.”  Oh come on!!! Seriously?!?! We’re supposed to believe that while your stories regarding your GE wheat seed are so full of holes and make no sense, that you actually believe someone at some point went out ino a farmers field, planted those seeds, all as a means to disrupt the trade system between Monsanto and other  countries?! Sorry Monsanto, we here at the Food Revolution say BS!!!And it seems that we aren’t the only ones.  On Thursday, scientists warned that the biotech giant’s denial was full of many holes.  Monsanto claims that it has tested 31,200 seed samples in both Oregon and Washington and found no evidence of contamination, and insists that there is no cause for concern in the world market.  BUT….researchers this week argue that Monsanto’s tests are misleading and that the genetically modified gene used, which is not yet approved for use in the U.S., will very likely continue to be found in wheat seeds!! Carol Mallory-Smith, Oregon State Universities weed science professor who tested the initial wheat plants and determined they were the unapproved Monsanto seed said “We don’t know where in the whole chain it is.” Unh hu.  She then goes on to add the following:  “I don’t know how Monsanto can declare anything. We obviously had these plants in the field.  You introduce something into the environment, and genes move around in the environment, whether transgenic or not.”  Thank you!! Once these seeds are no longer in the safety of a controlled lab, things just can happen.  And it does, and clearly it did! David Andow, a professor of entomology at the University of Minnesota, said in an interview with Bloomberg that “these claims are misleading,” and “the tests cited by Monsanto this week, which displayed clean wheat in the state of Washington, are shortsighted.” Monsanto fails to be honest yet again and we are to believe that their claim of safety in regards to GE seeds and gmos are safe for human consumption? Not buying it!! Andow also stated in his interview “Sure they tested it, but that doesn’t mean it’s all clean, it just means it’s not so widespread that it could be detected easily.” Now that makes perfect sense! Doug Gurian-Sherman, senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, says “This is not the first time Monsanto has been less than forthcoming on the extent of its seed contamination: “In previous cases, such as during the outbreak of herbicide-resistant weeds in recent years, Monsanto has initially played down the risks. The reality is that nobody knows what happened until extensive testing is done.” Shame on you Monsanto!! But wait there’s more!! Bloomberg reported recently that even if Monsanto’s claims about this specific wheat strain were proven true, they (Monsanto) has resumed trials of other and very similar GM wheat seeds.  This of course is according to information which was posted in a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) database.  Monsanto planted 150 acres of GM wheat in Hawaii last year and 300 acres of GM wheat in North Dakota this year.  This, my fellow Food Revolutionists, means the risk of genetic pollution from unapproved Monsanto wheat is even greater than most people are aware of! Unacceptable!! And we here at the Food Revolution, refuse to allow such important information to be kept from making it to your eyes and ears.

Monsanto, you and the other biotech companies continue to put the health and wellness of consumers beneath profit and higher profit yields.  You are the reason we eat, drink, and breathe ways to educate, empower, and inform people across the globe and get them back on track with eating and growing healthier and cleaner foods.  Your lies will soon fall on deaf ears, as an informed public is your worst nightmare.


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