“Ignorant nut jobs…”

Over and over I see the name calling against those of us who believe not only that we have the right to know what is in our food we eat, but that long term health studies need to be done in order to prove the safeness of these products, all of which may I remind you are made by the very same company responsible for thousands of deaths through their “safe” creation we known as Agent Orange. They call us uneducated, jobless, hippies with nothing better to do than protest everything. But they also say we are against science!! Science teaches us to ask questions, have our doubts, and research til we prove our theories. So how is it that we are against science when we are asking for that which science is all about?! And we’re the uneducated ones?? The monopolization of our food supply by one company simply is unconstitutional. This is not just about gmos, no my friends it’s about something much bigger. It’s about how time after the words and needs of the people are going ignored and made unimportant. It’s about the globalized takeover of our food supply system. It’s about a government and its agencies, which are supposed to represent the people and their needs, turning against us in the name of profit, big business, and production regardless of the cost. My friends we have become a world that has all but forgotten where we live, and came from. We poison our waters, air, and soils, all in the name of better tomorrows, but don’t stop to realize we are taking and taking and not giving. Changing our environments in such horrific ways has negative consequences…So of course we have more natural disasters!! Earth has to compensate for it’s imbalances. Something, somewhere has to give! And then we recover and go back to our daily lives, and change nothing, and the process starts all over again. So if wanting a change, a better and brighter future for my child and his children and their children makes me a nut job, then by god that is what I am!! Call your names, put us down, and try to convince the rapidly growing number of people who want answers and demand proof, that we are all crazy. Just remember that as you sit and spout your words of hate and prejudice, that you are changing nothing…which makes you part of the problem. Trust nothing!! Question everything!! We don’t need nor want your approval! The food Revolution is coming with or without you 🙂


About SoulWInd Designs

Hi! I'm an earth loving, gothic obsessed, hippie chick who loves the outdoors, crafting, creating and designing all kinds of gifts and handmade products and accessories.

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