Do something!

It’s easy to sit and sing the words of change and better tomorrows, but it is totally different on payday, to go tot he store and change our buying habits. With each and every dollar we spend on the conventional and over-processed foods we buy, we put the money and power that continues to defeat proposition after proposition we are trying to put through! Is it easy? Heck no, but change never is. The key to getting our food supply back under control is to change how we look at food, how we think about food, and how we get it. Instead of going to your big name grocery store, budget your time and money and take a drive to your farmers market, or food co-op. These are where you will find not only affordable organics but locally grown as well. Stop buying take out, or driving through the drive thru’s, visit your local health food store and ask questions and grab their recipes. Learn to garden and do canning, share what you grow and learn every day with everyone you meet. Join seed exchanges, vegetable and fruit exchanges, recipe exchanges, learn how to feed your family in a healthy way without all of the dangerous and harmful additives that exist in each ounce of processed food we eat. If your community doesn’t have a community garden, start one! Call your lcal hardware and home improvement stores and see what they are willing to help with or donate! Get your friends, family, and neighbors involved and learn and grow together. No you will not be solving the hunger problem, but if you can imagine for a moment, if each community started a garden and shared the foo grown with those who need it the most, and it was done in every community in every state, all across the united states…..well you in fact would be working on helping fix our hunger and food problem, if only here within our country. Every ounce of food we grow and give is one less ounce of food bought in the grocery store. I hear all the time they hate the way vegetables taste, of course you do!! When you have lived with a diet of unhealthy sugar filled, fatty, salty, and greasy diet nothing healthy is going to taste as appealing and filling. This is where we can make another difference! Create recipes with nothing but healthy ingredients, and show others how they can eat healthier and enjoy the amazing flavorful taste of each ingredient as well. Change is a slow process, but in this case, it’s one that has to happen. So I ask you, what are you doing today that helps to change tomorrow?


About SoulWInd Designs

Hi! I'm an earth loving, gothic obsessed, hippie chick who loves the outdoors, crafting, creating and designing all kinds of gifts and handmade products and accessories.

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