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Do something!

It’s easy to sit and sing the words of change and better tomorrows, but it is totally different on payday, to go tot he store and change our buying habits. With each and every dollar we spend on the conventional and over-processed foods we buy, we put the money and power that continues to defeat proposition after proposition we are trying to put through! Is it easy? Heck no, but change never is. The key to getting our food supply back under control is to change how we look at food, how we think about food, and how we get it. Instead of going to your big name grocery store, budget your time and money and take a drive to your farmers market, or food co-op. These are where you will find not only affordable organics but locally grown as well. Stop buying take out, or driving through the drive thru’s, visit your local health food store and ask questions and grab their recipes. Learn to garden and do canning, share what you grow and learn every day with everyone you meet. Join seed exchanges, vegetable and fruit exchanges, recipe exchanges, learn how to feed your family in a healthy way without all of the dangerous and harmful additives that exist in each ounce of processed food we eat. If your community doesn’t have a community garden, start one! Call your lcal hardware and home improvement stores and see what they are willing to help with or donate! Get your friends, family, and neighbors involved and learn and grow together. No you will not be solving the hunger problem, but if you can imagine for a moment, if each community started a garden and shared the foo grown with those who need it the most, and it was done in every community in every state, all across the united states…..well you in fact would be working on helping fix our hunger and food problem, if only here within our country. Every ounce of food we grow and give is one less ounce of food bought in the grocery store. I hear all the time they hate the way vegetables taste, of course you do!! When you have lived with a diet of unhealthy sugar filled, fatty, salty, and greasy diet nothing healthy is going to taste as appealing and filling. This is where we can make another difference! Create recipes with nothing but healthy ingredients, and show others how they can eat healthier and enjoy the amazing flavorful taste of each ingredient as well. Change is a slow process, but in this case, it’s one that has to happen. So I ask you, what are you doing today that helps to change tomorrow?


“Ignorant nut jobs…”

Over and over I see the name calling against those of us who believe not only that we have the right to know what is in our food we eat, but that long term health studies need to be done in order to prove the safeness of these products, all of which may I remind you are made by the very same company responsible for thousands of deaths through their “safe” creation we known as Agent Orange. They call us uneducated, jobless, hippies with nothing better to do than protest everything. But they also say we are against science!! Science teaches us to ask questions, have our doubts, and research til we prove our theories. So how is it that we are against science when we are asking for that which science is all about?! And we’re the uneducated ones?? The monopolization of our food supply by one company simply is unconstitutional. This is not just about gmos, no my friends it’s about something much bigger. It’s about how time after the words and needs of the people are going ignored and made unimportant. It’s about the globalized takeover of our food supply system. It’s about a government and its agencies, which are supposed to represent the people and their needs, turning against us in the name of profit, big business, and production regardless of the cost. My friends we have become a world that has all but forgotten where we live, and came from. We poison our waters, air, and soils, all in the name of better tomorrows, but don’t stop to realize we are taking and taking and not giving. Changing our environments in such horrific ways has negative consequences…So of course we have more natural disasters!! Earth has to compensate for it’s imbalances. Something, somewhere has to give! And then we recover and go back to our daily lives, and change nothing, and the process starts all over again. So if wanting a change, a better and brighter future for my child and his children and their children makes me a nut job, then by god that is what I am!! Call your names, put us down, and try to convince the rapidly growing number of people who want answers and demand proof, that we are all crazy. Just remember that as you sit and spout your words of hate and prejudice, that you are changing nothing…which makes you part of the problem. Trust nothing!! Question everything!! We don’t need nor want your approval! The food Revolution is coming with or without you 🙂

Greetings World!

Hippocrates was on to something when he said the famous words: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Sadly in his time, Companies like Monsanto weren’t around for him to have tend with. But his words still have such power and ring so true in the hearts and minds of those who have an understanding of how the natural order of things should be. Call us hippies, call us anti-science freaks, call us whatever you would like, but the fact of the matter is, food that is good for our bodies and our souls, were meant to be planted and harvested naturally in the ground before serving to our families and friends. In no way am I hater of science or healthy progress. We owe so much to the numerous breakthroughs and inventions that science has helped to bring forward. But sacrificing the health and natural chemistry of our soils in the name of profit and higher yields is not only a crime against mother nature, but an irreversible chemical nightmare for future generations of growers and farmers to contend with!

Recently I read a post online stating that if we make them eat nothing they can grab at the grocery store anymore, what in the world will they eat? I have to laugh at such silliness. Have we really forgotten where everything first started? Has our progress and comfort in having someone else be responsible for providing food and goods to our friends and family really clouded the stories and ways of those who lived here before? Somehow we have forgotten that a garden at one time wasn’t a weekend hobby, but a means to help you live, be healthy, and thrive!! There was a time when we ate to taste and savor each bite of food we created, and felt our heart skip beats as each ingredient tickled our tongues. Yes Virginia, there was a time when you picked up an ear of corn and that’s all that it was, a simple and healthy piece of corn. Inside it’s husk were not injected DNA from a bug or flower, fish or other animal, just a simple and wonderfully grown ear of corn. Now, unless its grown in your own garden or labeled as 100% organic, there are just no guarantees. How sad for future generations, as little by little the big bad biochemical companies (yes one of which is the very same who created Agent Orange!) are taking over our fields and lands in the name or progress, science, and solving the world hunger problem! What isn’t of great concern to these companies, or for government agencies in charge of our food supply for that matter, is the blind pot that exists to the consequences of their efforts. The companies who create these fake foods preach over and over that they are safe! They offer up their in-house research, downplaying and discrediting any who oppose the findings. Donating and contributing thousands if not millions to organizations, political parties and government agencies, and think that we won’t sit here and wonder why they need too if their creations are so safe. They harp about cost, and how much re-labeling would cost, but ignore the fact that we as consumers have a right to know what we are feeding not just ourselves but our families as well. If it’s safe, label it!! Instead, they bring out their wallets and spend yet more money fighting to take away our right to know, and now have found ways to bully not just our local stores into carrying their frankenfoods, but have somehow managed to convince our government that it’s ok to threaten other countries who stand up and against what isn’t healthy or good for their people. Go figure!!

And so last Saturday, May 25, 2013, over two million people took to the streets to make sure their voices and feelings rang loud and clear through the ears of all who casually walked or drove by…Chants and songs declaring our desire to no longer be buy or support the foods that are making us sick and keeping us trapped in our unhealthy food cycle, echoed across the globe. A sight and sound that rightly deserved to be an event that will forever be part of history. But even as the masses stood up for what they want and demand, the dark forces of the opposition were at work. For many who thought they could catch this historic event on their local or national news, they were handed a dose if disappointment. The media seemed to have decided that this monumental event wasn’t worthy enough for them to cover…really? Or could have opened wallets and hefty encouragement from donors and protectors of the very companies that “we the people” were taking a stand against had somehow found a way to have their hands in this as well? Clearly our powers are underestimated. Somehow our stores, government, and these dark empires have forgotten that it is our money that ends up in their wallets, and our choices that we make on our own, to buy the products that makes them have that money and power. And as easily as it has come, it can very easily go. Which should scare these seemingly forgetful companies and government entities greatly.

Saturday, May 25th, 2013 marked not just a day of protest, but the start of what is soon to come. A change in the tides of what we accept and put faith in, a change in how and what we feed our families. An educated and passionate public across the globe, who turn to each other and lean on each other is far more powerful than any company will ever be. No my friends, that day was not just a day of peaceful and passionate chants and songs. History was made, but more importantly the beginning of the Food Revolution began. And while they can get the media to not cover protests or write truthful and accurate stories, and while they can ignore what the we the people want and demand…CHANGE IS COMING!!! Change has already begun. This is only the beginning..the beginning of the end of the monopolization and control over our food supply. The people have spoken. It’s time for a change, it’s time for a Food Revolution.

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